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FalconX Value Proposition


Our programs offer strategic support, mentoring, customer introductions, and help develop the right GTM strategy and product market fit.


Teams can receive legal, accounting, compliance, banking, and administrative support, along with coworking space in Silicon Valley.


We provide our portfolio companies with invaluable connections to both our own fund and our ecosystem of venture capital partners.


Driving Farm Profitability & Planet Sustainability

Monarch Tractor is a mission driven company that is committed to elevating farming practices to enable clean, efficient, and economically viable solutions for today’s farmers and the generations of farmers to come.

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Revolutionizing Healthcare Training With AR/VR

Designed to increase patient satisfaction with pre-op and post-op modules 8Chili enables immersive diagnosis and treatment planning, FAQ’s pre / post-surgery, therapy and rehab.

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Sensing Beyond Vision

GalaxEye is building the world's first multi sensor imaging satellite for earth observation purposes to gather unique insights. Their proprietary mission called Drishti aims to provide intuitive all-time all-weather information covering any area of interest across the globe.

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Our Partners

FalconX Partnerships

Our dynamic partners are essential to our commitment of enabling global entrepreneurs to scale beyond their geographies. They can serve as investors, customers, and mentors simultaneously.

Our partnership with Meta is focused on powering the future of business communication and commerce through WhatsApp, Instagram Direct Message, and Facebook Messenger. With a wealth of expertise, resources, and connections, Meta aims to help startups succeed in an ever-evolving landscape.

Greenko is dedicated to building, owning, and operating top-quality renewable energy assets. Their mission to create a sustainable and inclusive future by leveraging leading-edge technologies sets them apart.

One of the fastest growing infrastructure enterprises in India with a rich and diverse experience spanning three decades, GMR Group maintains a vibrant portfolio of projects. Using the Public Private Partnership model, they are uniquely placed to build state-of-the-art projects in sectors that are of critical importance in the process of development.

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FalconX Ventures

Through this new opportunity, we are also investing in global early-stage enterprise technology startups sourced primarily through our FalconX Gateway. By working alongside startups across their lifecycle, FalconX Ventures can add value and support founders across competitive markets.

Our mission

About Us

FalconX is a leading global B2B accelerator that is committed to helping startups land and expand in global markets. With a focus on supporting early-stage companies, we provide the resources and expertise necessary for startups to succeed on a global scale.