Introducing FalconX

We are a torchbearer, guiding B2B tech startups through Mentorship Sessions. We nurture an innovation culture by synergizing startups to key essential stakeholders – corporates, government, academia and investors, to bring about a transformative change.


To assist budding entrepreneurs scale in a competitive environment, we connect startups to notable leaders and groom them accordingly.

Corporate Relations

An enterprise loses out in the competition, the moment it fails to keep updated on the latest innovations. FalconX helps them out in staying abreast with the same.


We bring enticing funding opportunities to potential tech startups via structured programs by introducing them to Venture Capitalists.

We share Expertise In


FinTech & Blockchain

Cloud & Infrastructure

Data & AI/ML


Trending Technologies

5 Pillars Of FalconX Ecosystem

The entire FalconX ecosystem is balanced on five C’s.


Conduct mentorship sessions that are headed by accomplished executives.


Connect aspiring start-ups to established market leaders.


Foster growth by connecting startups and enterprises to potential customers at unique events.


Prepare a co-working space for entrepreneurs in California’s leading hub – Silicon Valley.


We finance startups through Business Angel Funding and also connect them to VCs

Our Founders

We are a team of successful serial entrepreneurs, Seed Investors & Board Members, mentoring and guiding startups, so that they successfully launch their…

Our Startups

Our Office

FalconX is a community, founded by a team of nine successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders that powers newfangled ideas, new-generation products and futuristic business models to nurture a culture of innovation. Since inception, it has worked its best to provide every zealous startup, a community to grow by surrounding them with Established Leaders, Mentors, Investors, Service Providers and Customers.

One World

We are aware of the inter-dependency of our world, which is why we bring for startups valuable advice and Mentorship Programs so that they grow up to be successful corporates in future and join us as corporate partners in the distant future. In simple words, we are working in harmony, not to restrict innovation but to make it available to every deserving startup.