Looking for a Co-working Space?

Let’s Get you Accommodated!

FalconX is ready to put you in a dynamic environment, built to nurture your dreams and give shape to it under a roof. If you are a B2B startup, feel free to book a coworking space in exchange for an all-inclusive fixed monthly rental.

Amenities At Our Co-working Space

At Office

  • Your own work station, comprising of a chair, desk, lockable cabinet and charging point.
  • 3 conference rooms, which can be reserved together with whiteboards and necessary equipment.
  • A secure WiFi connection with an assurance of your access to high speed internet.
  • Drop boxes - UPS and FedEx.
  • Flexibility in terms and conditions.
  • Daily Janitorial service
  • Services for handling mail and packages
  • Options in suites (company & private executive) and desks (cubicles & open desks)

On Campus

  • Free parking over an extensive area.
  • Spacious event center to accommodate meet-ups with investors, organize events and to grow your network.
  • Volleyball court.
  • Gymnasium.
  • Kitchens with coffee and snacks.
  • Spacious boardroom for conducting meetings.
  • Lounge area for encouraging creative thinking in a comfortable setting.
  • Easy access to freeways (237, 680, 880, 101) and the future Milpitas BART station