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MasterClass for Entrepreneurs by BV Jagadeesh

A Six Day Virtual MasterClass for Entrepreneurs by successful serial entrepreneur & eminent angel investor- BV Jagadeesh.

About this Event :
This Workshop will help the entrepreneurs understand the fundamentals of an entrepreneurial journey- whether its developing a product or achieving product market fit, sales, marketing or fundraising.

Date and Time:
March 16th-18th, 2021; 7PM-9PM PDT
March 23rd-25th, 2021; 7PM-9PM PDT

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MasterClass Structure:

Day 1: Company Overview
– Vision
– Business model
– Company’s structure, team roles & responsibilities
– Employee Compensation

Day 2: Product Readiness
– Product Roadmap
– Development and deployment Process
– Scalability and Reliability

Day 3: Marketing
– Identifying the right Customer
– Brand building and lead generation
– Identifying marketing channels
– Setting up a Marketing Plan and Targets

Day 4: Sales Readiness
– Initial Sales
– Building Sales Motion and Channel Program
– Customer Onboarding & Customer Success process

Day 5: Fundraising
– Pitching and Storytelling
– Financial Business Modelling
– Approaching Investors- Seed and VCs
– Cap Tables & Term sheets

Day 6: Mentorship
– Startup Pitches
– Financial Business Modelling
– Approaching Investors- Seed and VCs
– CapTables & Term sheets