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Master Class for Entrepreneurs (Fall Series) by BV Jagadeesh


The Masterclass for Entrepreneurs hosted by FalconX & T-Hub covers the fundamentals of launching and scaling a Startup. This masterclass will help the startup founders understand the basics of an entrepreneurial journey- whether it’s developing a product or achieving product-market fit, sales, marketing, or fundraising. And help the entrepreneurs learn the right steps, avoid common mistakes, and gain amazing insights into how to organize, run, market, finance, monetize and grow their startup.

About this Event :

This Workshop will help the entrepreneurs understand the fundamentals of an entrepreneurial journey- whether its developing a product or achieving product market fit, sales, marketing or fundraising.

Date and Time:

6 Days x 2 Hours sessions online
The sessions will be held every Wednesday & Thursday over three consecutive weeks.

October 26, 27, and 28th 2021,  7pm-9pm PT
November 2, 3, and 4th 2021,  7pm- 9pm PT


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What you will learn?

The masterclass curriculum has been designed by BV Jagadeesh, synthesizing from his three decades of experience in building & scaling the startups and drawing from others’ successes and failures in the valley and other parts of the world. The founders will also get an opportunity to learn and network with other entrepreneurs and mentors in the breakout groups.

Day 1: Company Overview
– Vision
– Business model
– Company’s structure, team roles & responsibilities
– Employee Compensation

Day 2: Product Readiness
– Product Roadmap
– Development and deployment Process
– Scalability and Reliability

Day 3: Marketing
– Identifying the right Customer
– Brand building and lead generation
– Identifying marketing channels
– Setting up a Marketing Plan and Targets

Day 4: Sales Readiness
– Initial Sales
– Building Sales Motion and Channel Program
– Customer Onboarding & Customer Success process

Day 5: Fundraising
– Pitching and Storytelling
– Financial Business Modelling
– Approaching Investors- Seed and VCs
– Cap Tables & Term sheets

Day 6: Mentorship & Q&A
– Startup Pitches
– Mentorship Session by FalconX Advisors