Meet FalconX Mentors

Who have experienced the Highs and Lows of Operating and Scaling Startups!

We are not just an innovation hub but a guiding force for startups, looking out for expert advice that would help them grow up to be the next generation leaders and pave their way in the journey to success.

How does it Work

At FalconX, our dynamic mentors connect, cajole, guide and brainstorm with the startups. Startups can access our wide network of mentors to get help with:

Strategic Mentoring

An opportunity to launch your products & services and portray yourself as a credible brand on a platform.

Go to Market Mentoring

Get necessary support with respect to customer outreach, sales and new market exploration.

Technology Mentoring

Provide necessary support for deep domain expertise. and pivots.

Meet FalconX Mentors