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5G Orchestration Platform

Aarna Networks is an open source company enabling orchestration, management, and automation of 5G and edge computing applications for enterprises.

AI Processors for Edge AI

AlphaICs Real AI Processor (RAPTM) software solution is a full stack AI solution with the compiler, runtime and libraries.

Autonomous Industrial Vehicle

Ati Motors is making a cutting edge autonomous vehicle that is globally unique in its performance in Emerging Market Conditions. It works in both outdoors and indoors environments.

Commercial Electric Vehicle

Boson Motors makes connected electric vehicle upgrade for enterprise/business fleets. Their customers operate large fleets of small commercial trucks to serve their urban logistics/ last mile delivery needs.

Infection Surveillance Platform

cAST technologies employs the best of AI/ML approaches to give comprehensive solutions in real time infection surveillance and outbreak management alerts, HAI incidence tracking and Infection prevention strategy and Drug-Bug Mismatch and Adverse Drug Interaction alerts.

Next Gen Data Lake Management

Dataworkz is a unified self-service data preparation and data catalog tool to discover, search, understand, trust, transform and co-relate data stored in enterprise lake(s).

Cloud-Native Security Platform

Deepfence is a resilient distributed intrusion prevention system that measures and maps runtime attack surface, and provides full-stack protection from known and unknown threats.

Industrial AI and IOT

Flutura provides AI Solutions focused on improving two core business objectives of “Asset Uptime” and “Operational Efficiency” for the Industrial world. We do this with Cerebra, our AI Platform tuned for IIOT in Oil & Gas, Process Manufacturing, and OEMs.

Virtual Meetings Platform

Huddl provides a whole suite of AI based services in a virtual conference tool, captures important meeting moments, add to enterprise workflows and track results.

AI Imaging system to detect Food Contamination

ImagoAI is an AI-enabled advanced imaging system making food quality checks real-time and cost-effective for food processors. ImagoAI imaging system gives results in real-time and companies are able to replace tedious titration/elisa/hplc based methods.

Software Business Lifecycle Management

The Control plane natively owning the service management and monitoring part of the Software Business Lifecycle and integrating with the rest of the areas.

Furniture As a Service

Inhabitr is an online platform to rent, buy new, buy used and rent to own furniture. Inhabitr has propriety technologies on Furniture Data Cloud, Rental API, reverse logistics management.

Innovation Intelligence Platform

An AI based data-driven SaaS platform which mines public data to track innovations, start-ups, emerging technologies across the globe to help business in their strategic growth.

Career Exploration Platform for High Schoolers

Internmart intelligent assessment platform help high school students evaluate and identify their career choices and finds right internship for the high schoolers.

A.I. Contract Lawyer

Klarity Law uses Al to review inbound sales contracts and NDAs. Based on the company’s preferences, Klarity immediately identifies the contracts that can be signed right away and makes specific recommendations for those contracts that don’t.

Situational Awareness & Intelligence Platform

Kloudspot ingests network, sensor and application data from any source, contextualizes, uses AI/ML to continuously identify, predict and act in real-time to maximize the value of spaces.

Logistics Automation Platform

Locus is an intelligent logistics automation platform with in-built route planning and vehicle allocation engine which improves consistency and efficiency of operations, higher customer satisfaction with high adherence to SLAs & last mile live tracking.

Digital Maps, APIs and GPS Systems

MapmyIndia (CEInfoSystems) is India’s leading digital maps and location technologies company, building India’s best 4-dimensional time & space maps. It is a leader in digital map data and APIs, GPS navigation, tracking, location apps and GIS solutions.

Influencer Marketing

Musetown helps brands create brand stories with influencers that their customers find useful and fun.
The AI platform identifies and connects right influencers for the brand marketing.

Robotic Arms for SMEs

Orangewood Labs makes the most affordable robotic arms for SMEs. The primary application of these robotic arms is in Welding, Picking and Placing and Powder Coating.

AI based urban services platform

Quantela enables IoT to provide a comprehensive, customizable, scalable platform that help cities and communities to proactively predict and solve social, economic and environmental problems.

Brand Advocacy Platform

Socxo is a brand advocacy platform that develops and manages employee, customer, partner and influencer advocacy programs.

Data-Centric Security solutions

Seclore data-centric platform brings together best-of-breed Data-Centric Security solutions with existing Enterprise systems to streamline the discovery, identification, protection and tracking the processes.

Integration + API Management Platform

Shoppinpal plug and play, single-point access Integration “Platform as a Service(iPaaS)”-powered by proprietary, customizable, ready to use codebases & architecture- enables any set of Systems/Apps to connect to ANY Other set.

AI Platform for Athletes

Swingvision makes it easier to learn, play and enjoy ball & racket sports by providing pro-quality stats, personalized coaching & video analysis using on-device machine vision on just a single smartphone.

Talent Engagement Ecosystem

Talentsteps has incorporated futuristic technology like blockchain and other innovative & disruptive technologies to create a transparent, ethical and dynamic talent discovery landscape.

Enterprise Ready Service Mesh

Tetrate Service Bridge offers a management plane that extends Istio to multi-cloud, multi-cluster deployments, including first-class support for workloads outside of Kubernetes and containers.

Digital Concierge & Venue Management platform

VenueLytics empowers businesses, in the hospitality and entertainment industries, to engage their customers, get feedback & provide concierge services in real-time

Enterprise AI/ML Application Lifecycle Management Platform

Xpresso.ai enables to manage, build and automate the entire AI/ML application lifecycle from research to production with integrated unified platform. It provides an integrated set of frameworks and accelerators to help data scientists build cognitive solutions.