Unleashing The True Potential Of Startups

We help startups put their best foot forward through Mentorship Sessions, Back Office Services, Business and Technology Partnerships.

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Here’s How We Do It

We typically rely on 5 of FalconX’s ecosystem pillars, namely Coaching, Connections, Customers, Capital and a Conducive work environment to offer startups the following two.

Networking “Opportunities”

We bring startups a favorable chance to connect with eminent industry leaders, service providers, investors, potential customers etc.

Committed “Mentorship”

Offer unparalleled access to expert advice through sessions on Strategic, Technology and GTM Mentoring.

Startups Prerequisites

At FalconX, we build a community around those start-ups, who have already crossed the seed stage financing and tick the following boxes.

Reached Advanced Stage (.5M Seed Funding or 100K ARR)

Have a B2B Customer Base

Own a POC (Proof of Concept) or Customers

Robust Core Team Composition

Strong Background Of Founders